Does your child require specialist support to successfully overcome their phobia?


It's hard seeing any child suffer with a phobia and the limitation that puts on their life. 

Your child needs someone they can trust and an expert to gently guide them into eliminating their phobic response. 

Children and Teens often work differently from adults so a specialist approach is required. 

Linda is highly qualified and experienced in helping children eliminate their phobia so that they look forward to their future without panic and anxiety.


Linda Hamilton-Ross 

Children Phobia Therapist

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Food, choking, Needles, Spiders, Vomit, Dogs, Cats, Wasps, Flying, Dentist, Public speaking, Claustrophobia and more...​​

Finally get the life-changing results you need, even if past therapy has failed you before.

Eliminate your child's phobia without the stress of exposure therapy.

Finally get the life-changing results your child needs, even if past therapy has failed you before.

Alan came to me with claustrophobia… “I got in the lift yesterday and it was a resounding success!”

  • Eliminate your Child's phobia quickly with my high success rate. (Typically 1-2 sessions)
  • 6 sessions at 1 hour each. (6 hours of personal 1-to-1 time)
  • Put a stop to overthinking, PTSD anxiety and panic attack symptoms. 
  • Perfect if you want to overcome a phobia of: 
Dogs - Cats - other animals - Spiders Insects - Bees/ Wasps - Flying - Needles - Dentist - Public Speaking - Small Spaces - Leaving the house - and more...
The Phobia Therapy Programme
I aim to provide you with solution-focused results. Not coping strategies or "just slightly better than before".
Sadly, I frequently hear from people that tell me how they paid a high price for other therapy services that did not produce results.

After years of developing this unique process, it is my expectation for you to experience a significant sense of relief and noticeable improvements by the end of our first session together.

My Ethical Trades Policy means that if you are not satisfied with the progress made by the end of our first session together then PayPal will protect your payment and you will receive a full refund.

Please be aware that I can only help people who genuinely want to be helped. If you are buying this as a gift for a family member or friend I will have to speak with them first to confirm their commitment to their change.

Client Results

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Case Study – Rat Phobia

When I first met Angela she could not even speak about rats. 

A couple of days later I got a call from her. On the coming Saturday she was due to join a fund raising expedition to the Himalayas. However she had just been told by a colleague who had done the same trip that while camping on the slopes there are rodent-like creatures that would come into the tents at night! 

Angela was caught between a rock and a very hard place. She booked an emergency session with me for the next day. 

After only  90 minutes she accompanied me on a pre-arranged visit to the pet shop where she actually touched a rat! 

She was free to enjoy her climb.

Case Study – Child Needle Phobia

Emma came to me for help with her 8 year old son, George, who was extremely needle phobic.

He nearly died at birth and needed regular blood tests. Emma was traumatised by the experience. She was asked to bend his wrist while he screamed through it all. She felt he was unprotected because he couldn’t stay by her side.

We worked on Emma’s trauma first because the normal bond between mother and child will transfer emotions and issues easily to George.

Because Emma didn’t feel George would work with me, we continued to work very successfully with Emma as a proxy for George. The close connection allows another person to transfer healing to another.

The time came for his new blood tests. For the first time, Emma asked George who he would like to take him for the tests. He chose his father. When they arrived home she asked how it had gone. As casual as anything George said, “Oh it was ok. I’ll be alright with all the rest.”

Public Speaking Phobia

Hi, I am Jianguo. I have had a public speaking phobia for decades. I read many relevant books and have seen a few psychologists. The phobia did not go away.

I was so lucky I met Linda. She dug very deeply into the phobia and figured out the approach that was just right for me. Now, after only 5 sessions, I’ve given a talk at a business meeting with three new faces. And I talked to them later, doing both very confidently.

I would never have been able to do this before our sessions. My boss told me my presence and speaking were amazing. Linda has lifted me out of that persistent public speaking phobia.

Janguo Yan
West Byfleet

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Emma wrote this to me after her treatment.

"There was a spider in the bedroom last night. I just let it be and slept soundly all night."

Irrational Fear of Spending Money

Linda was really great, she has a lovely warm personality, she is very authentic and I felt very much at ease with her. She is an experienced, intuitive worker.

After we finished I felt a new sense of relief. The emotional attachment I had, the discomfort I felt was gone and I felt totally at ease. It has been several weeks since then and I still feel the same, that uncomfortable feeling is gone forever.

Linda is absolutely fantastic, she is very experienced and she gives 100% to every session. I would recommend her to anyone.   LH. London


Dog Phobia

My client told me if he was any closer to a dog than 10 to 15ft he would be anxious and his heart would race. He’d been raised in India where he was always afraid of the stray dogs that would bark and maybe chase him.

But now his young daughter wants a dog!

It’s time to get rid of this problem for good. At the beginning of the programme, he did wonder if it would be possible. But he was committed to seeing it through and kept an open and hopeful mind throughout our sessions.

Once we started working together he says he’s never experienced anything like the way we work before. 

And now, for the first time in his life, he has the confidence to voluntarily face being close to a dog. You can see just how close he can be in the photo! Look how relaxed and happy he is.

R.D. Hampshire

Fear of Driving


When I first contacted Linda I felt hopeless and quite desperate. I would try anything. I became immediately hopeful when Linda told me she only works with people with whom she believes she can be successful, to avoid disappointment. And she was willing to work with me!

I began to feel a part of the problem had gone, by the second session which was really encouraging. We covered quite a lot of things in each session without it being overwhelming.


Now when driving I feel confident, carefree and more than capable. If you're considering booking with Linda just go for it. Each session is more than simply two people talking. The way she works opens your mind to new ways of thinking.


Maisie Read, Oxfordshire

David is an award-winning photographer with a fear of public speaking. After working with me he's now being interviewed on the BBC. He's the one on the right in the interview.

Dog Phobia (15-year-old) 

I used to have to talk to myself before going on a walk "Come on Olivia, there's nothing to be scared of."

At first, I didn't think you could get rid of it working online. But you can! Now when I go to a place where there are dogs running loose I'm saying "Oh look at that cute dog"! As you're doing the session it might not seem to be doing anything but then when you see the thing you're afraid of you notice it's all changed! Now I'm getting a puppy just 3 weeks after finishing the programme. 

Spider  Phobia


“Most people with a spider Phobia think it’s part of them. Not possible to unpick that. But it absolutely is!

I had 40 years of suffering and now in 5 hours it’s gone!

Clare Doherty, Cockermouth

Panic Attacks


Highly recommend seeking Linda’s help if you’re looking to get your life back on track. It’s nothing like you think but in a good way. I was made to feel at ease in every session. So many different techniques and coping mechanisms I had never even heard of.

Super knowledgeable and very empathetic.

Allan Young, Edinburgh

Fear of Choking – Child


Linda has a very child-friendly approach. It was so much better than his psychology appointment. Everything was about working with Hubert in his mind and on his thinking. Letting him see he was capable of changing his thinking. Linda put him in charge of himself. Hubert says he just doesn’t think about it anymore. All worries are gone. I would 100% recommend Linda to everyone.

Sylwia Danielewicz, Lambeth

Health  Phobia

“It’s been life-changing. I now feel equipped to deal with life. After each session I could jump over a car!”

Catherine Hollins, Wigan

Fear of Dying


My sessions with Linda were really calm and helpful. I never felt judged and was never anxious before an appointment, instead I was excited. At first I couldn’t understand how just talking could take away my fear which was so strong.

Then I discovered it’s not just talking! Instead it’s like watching a show but you have the remote and can choose how it works out.

Molly Smith, Cambridgeshire

Dog phobia (11-year-old)

"I used to freak out when I saw a dog and now I'm not scared at all. Before we started I didn't think my problem could be solved. The sessions were helpful and gradually I could tell something had changed. Now I've got everything I wanted from the programme."

Travel Fear 

At first I was a bit nervous about the process but that soon dissipated. Linda has a very easy manner. Amongst my problems was OCD that I'd had for 30 years. Now it's gone! I never expected it to go. My previous reactions to travel are now all resolved.    J. Davey

Driving Phobia

I thought Linda wouldn't be able to help me. I'm one of the most unwilling people. But then we reached a point where I knew we were going to be alright. If Linda can help me she can help anyone!           

EB. Shropshire



Linda offers a free, no-obligation call so you can speak with her, discuss your child’s phobia and find out if the treatment is suitable for them.

To save you from having to wait and rebook, this call is designed for both you and your child. You can speak to Linda first and when you're certain that Linda will be a good fit for your child, you can invite your child onto the call to speak with Linda.

To maintain our high success rate - Linda only works with people she is confident she can help.


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