The Phobia Therapy Masterclass

Feel immediate reassurance and relief

As a team together we will begin to release any anxiety you may currently have

The Phobia Therapy Programme

I will reveal the truth about your phobia and share the beginning of my techniques with you. For most people, they feel a sense of control return.

Session 1

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  • Eliminate your phobia quickly with my high success rate. (Typically 1-2 sessions)
  • 4 sessions at 90 minutes each. (6 hours of personal 1-to-1 time)
  • Put a stop to overthinking, PTSD anxiety and panic attack symptoms. 
  • Perfect if you want to overcome a phobia of: 
Dogs - Cats - other animals - Spiders Insects - Bees/ Wasps - Flying - Needles - Dentist - Public Speaking - Small Spaces - Leaving the house - and more...

Implementing Key Sales Elements

Together we will be optimising:

Buyer Profiling so that we can begin to connect your offer with our ideal prospect.

Dress & Maintenance to increase our ideal buyer's desire and decision.

Best Pricing for maximum return and quickest results creating a win/win for owner and buyer.


Increasing the Feel Factor

"Shona's secret sauce"

"Shona's secret sauce"


Aligning the Buyer And Making the sale

Celebration time!

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