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Risk nothing - experience immediate progress and relief from the first session or your money back.

Eliminate your phobia without the stress of exposure therapy.

Finally get the life-changing results you need, even if past therapy has failed you before.

Dogs, Cats, Wasps, Spiders, Flying, Needles, Driving,
Dentist, Public speaking, Agoraphobia and more...

After successfully treating 100's of phobias

I know you might be feeling...

Fed up of not being able to do the things you want to in life

Had enough of feeling out of control, anxious and embarrassed. 

Tired of battling your phobia alone with coping strategies or avoidance.

Frustrated that no one seems to understand.

Well, together we are going to change this!   Here's how:

The Phobia to Freedom Programme

Experience the method that's helped more than 1100 human beings eliminate their phobia

and enjoy a life of control, peace and freedom.

  • Eliminate your phobia quickly with our high success rate. (Typically 1-2 sessions)
  • 4 sessions at 90 minutes each. (6 hours of personal 1-to-1 time)
  • Put a stop to overthinking, PTSD anxiety and panic attack symptoms. 
  • Change your life within less than 4 weeks
  • Perfect if you want to overcome a phobia of: 
Needles/ medical
Public speaking
Bees/ Wasps
Small Spaces 
Leaving the house 
and much more...
The Phobia to Freedom Programme
We aim to provide you with solution-focused results. Not coping strategies or "just slightly better than before".

Sadly, I frequently hear from people that tell me how they paid a high price for other therapy services that did not produce results.

After years of developing this unique process, it is our expectation for you to experience a significant sense of relief and noticeable improvements by the end of our first session together.

Our Ethical Trades Policy means that if you are not satisfied with the progress made by the end of our first session together then PayPal will protect your payment and you will receive a full refund.

Please be aware that I can only help people who genuinely want to be helped. If you are buying this as a gift for a family member or friend I will have to speak with them first to confirm their commitment to their change.

After 5 years of working with some of the most extreme cases and every phobia under the sun, this is our most advanced method yet.

Having successfully treated cases where:

- people have previously been to 6 therapists without success,

- people who can't even say the word "rat" or "dog" without panicking 

- people that have had their phobia since they were a child 60+ years ago.

I know what is required to finally achieve therapeutic and life-changing results.

This is your road map to success.

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Stage 1: Demystifying the Phobic Response

This is the part of our journey where you will be equipped with a clear understanding of the REAL reason your phobia exists and how to finally release it. 

Most people describe this part as a eureka moment that makes them feel a sense of relief and optimism.

Stage 3: Eliminating the intrusive thoughts

Your therapist will guide you through an exercise that instantly puts an end to any intrusive or unpleasant thoughts. 

It's common for people to describe this process as finally waking up from a bad dream.


They can then think back on the thoughts that used to scare them WITHOUT any fear.

Stage 2: Releasing the emotional Response

This is the most transformational part of our journey together.


With our skilled and gentle guidance, you will be able to release any feelings of anxiety, fear or panic from your nervous system. 

People describe the experience as empowering and deeply calming. Most people begin to feel a sense of excitement as they reclaim control on the inside.

Stage 4: Measuring the feedback and fine tuning to get you a water tight result.

You will have our support every step of the way and together we will measure your progress between each session. 

The following sessions will be used to polish off any rough edges until you are completely phobia free!

The Phobia to Freedom Programme has helped many people.

... even if you've been struggling with that THING for over 40+ years.

... even if you've tried therapy (which has failed) in the past.

... even if you have never done anything like this, and feel sceptical about results.

Success Stories & Changing lives

Guiding you towards the first step of a much bigger adventure

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If you're struggling with a phobia, I understand.

 I struggled with 2 phobias growing up, and it wasn't fun.


Swimming and public speaking 

I used to stay off school to avoid giving group presentations and during the summer I'd be stuck at the side of the river, watching my friends have a great time without me.

So I know how isolating, limiting and embarrassing it can be living with a phobia.

At one point I genuinely believed that was just the way life was going to be, I had no idea there was something that could actually be done to change it.

I want to reassure you, This can change.

I have studied and trained in many therapeutic approaches... 
Counselling skills


Clinical Hypnotherapy
And much more specialist approaches. 

But the most powerful of all has been what I've learned through over 2000+ client sessions where I have developed my most advanced method yet.

When it comes to treating phobias. I know what works and what doesn't. 

You need a specialist approach, something that works quickly and provides you with life-changing results. 

This is it.

The Phobia to Freedom Programme.

With this programme, I've helped many people to eliminate their phobias and I love playing that role in other people's lives.

If you'd like to ask me a question and find out how it can help you, just send me a message and I'll be in touch as soon as I can. 

I look forward to helping you gain further clarity and peace around this. Speak soon!

I'm Lewis, nice to meet you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does online video call work well for this?

Yes absolutely, and after a long time serving clients up and down the UK including some international clients we have found this to be the most convenient method of working together with equal success to in-person sessions. I've even helped people who have never used online video call before and once they are online it's as natural for them now as a telephone call. Which means that you too, can remove your phobia from the comfort of your own home.

When can I expect results?

Most people experience positive results within the first 90 minutes of working together and the rest of the sessions together are used from any fine tuning which may be required.

The kind of results you can expect are a sense of relief and a release of tension and anxiety. It's not uncommon for my clients to move from a place of fear around the specific threat to feeling curious and even excited for the next time they see it again.

Usually, this takes place with penny dropping moments, new realisations and discovering more about yourself which shift old fear-based beliefs.

But other therapy hasn't helped in the past?

"keep knocking on doors until the right one opens"

Many of my clients have paid for treatment which has been unsuccessful in the past such as:

CBT. Talking therapy. Hypnotherapy. NLP. Other phobia therapies.

In fact, numerous people have come to me after seeing

6 or more therapists before they finally get the results they were searching for.

Aside from offering you a Risk Nothing money-back guarantee, I work to an advanced standard of Conversational Hypnotherapy that works on a subconscious level of mind and goes far beyond the common techniques out there. This style is gentle and highly effective for achieving quick person-centered results.

And it takes place without the classical "close your eyes and imagine yourself walking down some stairs..." approach. 

What can I expect during the sessions?


"With a good team, problems are solved and doors open up."

The sessions together are friendly and relaxed. It provides you a safe space for self-reflection and expression of what is really going on for you on the inside.

I will ask you questions to help you discover more about your self and the current challenge which you are struggling with whilst guiding you towards clarity

Together, as a team, we will make sense of all of this. 

New ideas, perspectives, and beliefs will begin to naturally emerge as we resolve the reasons you are experiencing that phobic response.



Using online video call I can cover anywhere in the UK and abroad

* Please check your junk mail for a response if you have not received one within 24 hours.