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Why can't I overcome my phobia like other fears?

As human beings, we are faced with many fears growing up...

For example, you might remember your first day of school, your first driving lesson, a first date or a job interview.

And somehow in some way you were able to overcome your fear and step into the experience.

So you may have asked yourself the question, Why can't I overcome my phobia like other fears?

So let me answer that question for you...

We all know that phobias are irrational fears but that alone isn't very helpful is it?!

So let me expand on this for you...

Irrational fear is a fear that isn't rationally connected to our immediate physical reality.

This means that because our fear isn't rooted in physical reality then there is nothing we can do to physically assert control over it.

For example:

If there was a real fire in the kitchen we can physically respond to it and take back some level of personal control...

We could use a fire extinguisher, evacuate, climb out the window and call for help.

All of which grants us some level of personal control in the situation. It may still be highly stressful and fear-inducing but there is a way to solve the problem.

However panic occurs when we don't have any control... In a moment of perceived helplessness, we will panic.

And this is what makes phobias so intense...

A phobia isn't a physical problem that we can provide a physical solution to. Instead, it's a very intense feeling and thought process that we cannot assert our physical control over.

The thoughts continue and we end up in a perpetual state of high alert as we try and avoid slipping into our phobic response.

We are essentially stuck with an impossible problem to solve in reality. So it's no wonder we feel immediate helplessness and panic.

Most people make the mistake of trying to control their physical surroundings... They avoid situations, they try breathing techniques and other coping mechanisms but never fully eliminate their phobic response.

And the reason for this is that the phobic response isn't rooted in the physical, it exists as a thought process in our mind.

So we can fully eliminate a phobia by changing the thought process rather than exhausting ourselves with constant coping strategies.

The good news is however, we can change the phobic response using the power of our mind rather than trying

And this brings our awareness back to the thought process in our mind.

Just like the monster under the bed when we are children...

If there was a physical monster under my bed as a kid, I would've got my dad to kill it for me. Or I would've phoned the police to have it arrested like a Scoobie doo character.

The monster under the bed problem would've been solved within a matter of hours...

But because it existed in my mind and not in the physical reality...

The only way to eliminate the monster was by changing my thought process and perception.

Want to learn how we can help you eliminate your phobia for good?

We can do this without the stress of exposure therapy, coping strategies or tedious years of therapy. The most extreme and lifelong phobias have been eliminated with this method. You can find out more here:


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