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Significantly reduce or eliminate your Emetophobia in 8 weeks or less

An effective yet gentle way to overcome your emetophobia without the stress of exposure therapy,
years of tedious therapy, flimsy coping strategies
or medication with dodgy side effects.

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Emetophobia ruins lives and we know you might be... 

Fed up with feeling held back by your emetophobia and not able to do the things you want to with those you love

Had enough of feeling on edge, out of control, anxious and embarrassed by your panic

Tired of battling your emetophobia alone and not knowing whether you will be sick or not

Isolated and frustrated that no one seems to understand or be able to help

After years of successfully treating  Emetophobia - We've helped a wide range of people:

  • From the father who hadn't slept properly for 7 months out of fear of his child being sick

  • The mother who was about to miss her daughter's wedding because of her fear of being trapped on a plane whilst another person was vomiting

  • The determined teacher who had been to more than 6 therapists without any results and no change at the core of the problem

Things Can Change and we're here to show you how...


Overcome your frustration, shame, embarrassment and guilt caused by emetophobia
so you can reclaim your life and start living again

The Phobia To Freedom Programme

Here's what you'll receive:

  • Private access to the Phobia to Freedom Online Course - giving you the most effective understanding and techniques for gaining control over your phobia and stopping panic attacks.

  • 1:1 Specialist phobia therapy via online call (optional)

  • Professional support from a phobia expert who actually understands what you're going through and how to guide you toward peace and relief.

  • Risk nothing with our 100% satisfaction guarantee on your first session 

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“This has been a life changing experience“

Sonia Pires

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“Thank you so much! You do amazing work“

Jaimie G.

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“I can't believe the difference in myself already“

Steph Jones

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“I absolutely recommend this to everybody“

Sananita B.

What you'll get:

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The online Phobia to Freedom Programme takes you through the most advanced knowledge and techniques that have helped hundreds of clients successfully overcome their phobia.

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Guided audio recordings to change your mindset from self doubt and disbelief to a place of certainty and readiness for freedom in your life

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7 engaging and easy-to-follow modules to help you take back control and start reducing your phobia and anxiety for good.

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Get equipped with skills and techniques for life so that you feel capable of being in control 

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Transformational exercises to deal with catastrophic thinking, internal conflict, and overthinking.

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Experience a step-by-step goals & tracking system that will empower you to overcome your phobic response

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Access to Powerful techniques to reduce hypervigilance of the body and reduce anticipation of triggers.

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1 Goal setting plan to help you define what success will look like to you and help you take action

Client feedback

See what our satisfied customers have to say about us!

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I've tried everything and this is the ONLY thing that has worked for me. Nothing else comes close.

Previous Wasp Phobia

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Here’s a small peek into the incredible experience we will be sharing with you to help you significantly reduce your phobia or even eliminate it completely within 6 weeks or less.

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1. Empowering your Mindset for Success: Uncover your vision of success and establish strong foundations in your mind that will increase your natural resilience & self-belief to become undefeatable against your phobia.

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2. Access Your Personal Road Map to Success: The Freedom Navigator™: Get private access to your personal tracking system to measure progress & build positive momentum. This will prevent slipping back into old habits/patterns and boost your confidence to be free of your phobia.

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3. Understanding your Phobia: Experience the excitement of light bulb moments as we provide you with a true understanding of your phobia and more importantly, HOW you can actually take back control from your phobic response.

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4. Reclaiming your Thoughts: Reclaim your mind from the vicious cycle of catastrophic thinking, obsessive worry and dread-filled thoughts so that you can return to a place of being unaffected and acquire peace of mind.


5. Dealing with Panic Attacks: Escape the spiral of panic, feeling out of control of your body and prevent the after effects of embarrassment and/or exhaustion. Learn these proven methods that will show you how to nip it in the bud and/or release it entirely.

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6. Letting Go of Strong Emotions: It’s time to release the things that no longer serve you, develop new ways of thinking about your fears and actually deal with your triggers to continue building resilience, confidence and certainty in yourself so that you can finally take your life back.

More Client feedback

See what our satisfied customers have to say about us!

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I'm so happy to start feeling normal again!

Riley, London
Previous Recurring Panic Attacks

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