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How living with a phobia affects relationships

So let’s discuss how phobias affect your personality and relationships with others.

And the most important relationship of all is the relationship we have with ourselves. When we’re living with a phobia it can drastically affect how we relate to ourselves…

How phobias affect daily life

When we’re living with a phobia we can hold ourselves back from the very experiences in life that would mean so much to us.

It can affect everything from the decisions we make, the activities we engage in, the opportunities we miss out on and even our self-esteem. We can feel anger, sadness, embarrassment and even shame due to our phobia because it causes us to act in a way that doesn’t feel congruent to who we really are and what we really want. This is because your phobia isn’t who you really are… It’s a learned behaviour that you’ve somehow picked up along your journey through life. The good news is, all behaviours can be changed, but more on that later.

How phobias affect relationships

Beyond the relationship you have with yourself, how does fear affect relationships with others?

When we’re living with a phobia it can put a lot of strain on our relationships

If you’re lucky to have people around you who are understanding, patient and caring it can make a world of a difference. However, some people don’t always receive the understanding and support they most need. This can cause us to feel isolated, embarrassed, criticised or even teased which can result in pulling back and creating distance and separation from those around us. In other cases, living with a phobia can cause us to avoid certain experiences and circumstances. Not only do we miss out but sometimes those around us have to miss out too. This is how fear affects relationships for many people - they suffer and so do their loved ones.

How does fear affect relationships?

Then there are cases where people remain in toxic relationships and unhealthy circumstances because it’s more comfortable than confronting their phobia and creating true freedom in their life. But it’s not all doom and gloom because the truth is, it doesn’t have to remain this way. Change is possible with the right approach. And that starts with the question… Who would you be and what would you do differently, without your phobia? Just imagine you had finally overcome your biggest fear… Think of your newfound level of confidence and self-belief… What new choices would you make for yourself and how would your life change?

How phobias affect your personality is not permanent

The writer of this post, Lewis, has been successfully helping people overcome and eliminate their phobias for many years now. He’s witnessed hundreds of clients every year completely transform their lives as a result of overcoming their phobias. From social phobias like public speaking and job interviews to people who want to overcome their fear of flying so that they can finally enjoy a holiday in the sun and people who simply want to feel at peace in their own bodies and mind. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had your phobia for as long as you can remember, or if you’ve gradually noticed it getting worse in recent times. If you need professional support and advice you can message Lewis…

Want to learn how we can help you eliminate your phobia for good?

We can do this without the stress of exposure therapy, coping strategies or tedious years of therapy.

The most extreme and lifelong phobias have been eliminated with this method.

You can find out more here:

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