The most common phobia myths that keep people stuck...

Here are some of the most common phobia myths that keep people stuck...

Myth #1: In order to overcome my phobia I need to do exposure therapy and face my fear.

You'll be relieved to know that we can eliminate the fear from within you BEFORE you have to go out and gain exposure. Think about how easy exposure will become when you're not even scared anymore.

Myth #2: I'll eventually outgrow my phobia.

I'll eventually outgrow my phobia. -- this does happen but it requires positive experiences that cause us to realise that the phobic response is no longer required. Most people experience the opposite effect... Something I call the snowball effect... this is where we experience 1 negative experience after another that reinforces our phobia, eventually making it worse or scarier.

Myth #3: It's harder to remove because I've had it for a long time

Not true!

Phobias are usually developed in one single moment of our lives and they can be released in one single moment too. I've witnessed a 70-year-old release her lifelong phobia of spiders within 3 sessions.

I've witnessed 1 40-year-old client release her lifelong phobia of heights within literally 5 minutes after having the realisations she needed. She couldn't even stand on a chair and look down before. After 5 minutes she was looking out of the window of a glass-panelled window on the 8th floor. touching the glass and everything.

Myth #4: My phobia is extreme so it will be harder to resolve

Another common belief - but it's not true.

All phobias - big or small can be eliminated using the same process I'm about to share with you. I've worked with people who will cry and panic just saying the word "rat" completely paralysed and can't even open their curtains or leave their house in case they see one. After 4 sessions she was leaving the house and in the garden.

Myth #5: I've had this forever

There was a time when you existed before you even knew your own name. at this age, you didn't have a phobia. You weren't born with it and have only picked it up along your journey through life. Just like you picked it up you can also put it down once I show you how!

Myth #6: My phobia keeps me safe

Many people believe their phobia keeps them safe from being in triggering situations but if the phobic response no longer existed, there would be nothing to protect yourself against anymore. Whilst the intention of it may be to keep you safe. Phobias do not keep anyone safe. Panic attacks and decisions made from a place of terror are dangerous.

Want to learn how we can help you eliminate your phobia for good?

We can do this without the stress of exposure therapy, coping strategies or tedious years of therapy. Even the most extreme and lifelong phobias have been eliminated with this method. You can find out more here:


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