What is a Phobia?

A phobia in an anxiety disorder which is caused by conflicting subconscious beliefs around a specific perceived threat. Whether that be a phobia of spiders, animals, flying, being sick etc.

Many people have fears about particular objects or situations and this is quite normal. However a phobia is different in the way that it is much more extreme.

Some differences are:

The phobic response is typically out of proportion to the potential danger we may face.

A phobia can have a significant impact on how we live our day to day lives. Which includes, overthinking throughout the day, extreme panic attacks, embarrassing moments, stress and anxiety, being unable to participate in certain life events.

When should you get help?

Not everyone knows about phobia therapy or when to reach out for help.

You see, life long phobias can be cured rather quickly with the correct method.

If you have a phobia which is causing you daily inconvenience such as having to avoid certain activities or extended emotional distress. It may be time to seek help.

To find out how our phobia treatment can help you or to speak with an expert simply click here.

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